Tuesday, March 8, 2011

_____________ Tuesday: Pedi, don't be jealous!

If you remember, I mentioned 
needing a pedi a week or so ago.
 Well, I got one last week.

 I took SBJ to PlayDate 
then took myself 
and my book 
to the nail place.
Nice, right?

This was the worst. pedi. ever!
Homeboy cut and filed 2 toes too low!
See my 2nd and 3rd toes?
That's not polish above the nail!
(insert crying-sad-face-here)

On the bright side, 

I do have a fun color now
and my feet are smooth...


  1. Ouch!!! You should have kicked homeboy in the face.

  2. My feet are totally nasty right now, but last time I got them done the guy was buffing my big toe and buffed the skin off below my cuticle. It took a month to heal (no pun intended). Now I have a phobia. Grrr! I love the color! What book are you reading?

  3. Alysun- no joke!
    Hilary- I have a favorite girl at my favorite place by my inlaws house, but that is 2 hours away! :( We are reading "The Help" in my JWC Book Club!