Friday, July 8, 2011

Forgetting the Before: Muffin Tin Stuff

This week I got our Muffin Tin Meal supplies organized as well as some of SBJ's kitchen toys. Muffin Tin Meals are such a great idea! They are lots of fun and I have found that SBJ actually eats more when the food is in a tin...and we will try new things!

The top shelf has the kitchen toys, games, and books SBJ can play with while I am in the kitchen (and our new ice pop-molds). I anticipate getting more toys and such  to go in here, so I left room.

The 2 boxes go on the bottom. The blue box has a zip-lock bag with our silicon muffin cups and a black bag with various cookie cutters. The green box has our muffin tins! 


This post is a part of the 52 Weeks of Organizing challenge I am doing with I'm an Organizing Junkie


  1. My cabinet is a mess. I so need to clean it out!

  2. I am working on organizing too. It can be a bit overwhelming at times as we live with my 82 year old mom and she has accumulated a lot through the years. I just wanted to stop by your blog and tell you that I found the yogurt star cookies at Trader Joe's. I purchased the lemonade, so I don't have a recipe. You might want to try as it is a helpful site and I have found a lot of great recipes there.

  3. I'm working on the kitchen too! I love the baggy in a bin for cookie cutters... must implement with my mess - err collection - of cutters soon!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi from #52weeks!