Friday, September 16, 2011

Forgetting the Before: Spicy

I have a confession.
When I showed you my pantry re-organization, I didn't show you the box of spices that I moved out of the photo! Ha!
I finally decided how to organize them...and I am so excited. I have seen all sorts of posts using the over the door/shoe organizer for things other than shoes! This works wonderfully!
I am thinking I will find more ways in other rooms to use this space-saving tool! 
Have you organized with one? What do you put in it?  

This post is a part of the 52 Weeks of Organizing challenge I am doing with I'm an Organizing Junkie


  1. Ha! Priceless confession. Know why? Because we ALL have done that at least once. Too funny.

  2. I use one in my coat closet to organize hats, gloves & scarves. I'm also getting ready to use one on the back of my bathroom door to organize combs, brushes, hair products, etc. I'm also thinking about putting one on my laundry room door to store things!! It's a great way to organize stuff!