Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

School ends for my big boy next week...that means it is time for a new Summer Bucket List!
Our lists are a little "lighter" this year because we of our home-transition and we have a newborn, so life is a little different.
*Note: I plan to check out other lists online for some new ideas too, so more activities may be added soon.
Summer Bucket Lists
For the boys:
Make Frozen Bananas
Watch the Olympics
Olympic dinner/events
Visit Fire Station
Farmer’s Market
Water Playdate with Friends
Eat watermelon outside {and not care about the mess}
Visit a Children's Museum
Pick Berries

If the heat isn’t too insane:
Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds

For all of us:
Make s’mores
Make Ice Cream-Cookie Sandwiches
Celebrate the 4th of July
Star gazing
Ice Cream Sundae Buffet
Ocean City!
Go to an outdoor concert
Go to a baseball game
Great American Campout {6/23 for hubs and BBJ}
*Find, Buy, Move in to NEW HOME!*

For ME:
Proverbs 31 online study
some Pinterest and other crafty projects
get active {lose baby weight}

For the Hubs and Me:
Dinner out
Movie Night
Watch a sunset together

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  1. Your summer bucket list looks wonderful. I love that there is a little something for everyone. Your kids are about the same age difference as mine our first summer all together. We did more around the house and very short outings and my favorite...afternoon naps! Have a great summer!
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

  2. I also have a summer bucket list with linky, feel free to drop by and add your post!

    Have a Great Summer :)

  3. Love this list! Would you mind sharing which Proverbs 31 study you are using? I'm interested in checking it out :)