Tuesday, December 14, 2010

celebrate stacy, fight als

i have had a heavy heart this past week.

do you have any friends that end up being more like family?
we have a group of friends like that...
we have grown up together.
our grandparents were friends...
our parents are friends...
so we are friends...

last week my beautiful friend-more-like-family 
Stacy passed away.
(that is hard to type bc it still seems unreal.)

she battled ALS 
(Lou Gherig's Disease)
for almost a year...
my heart is broken...
broken for the friend we lost,
broken for her husband,
broken for her mother and sister,
broken for her aunts, uncles, cousins,
broken for our other friends-more-like-family, 
broken for so many people she touched...

i will be walking in the local ALS walk
in April 2011
and every year after that...

i will walk bc i can.
i will walk for stacy,
for her dad, "uncle" jimmy,
(he lost his battle with als 14 years ago)
and for all those i do not know 
that fight this disease...

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