Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry and Bright

so i feel like i need to lighten up a little.
my last few posts have been pretty heavy...
and although that has been what is on my mind,
it is not the only thing going on!

so let me lighten the mood a little 
with a few snap shots of my holiday faves
around the house...

our first monogrammed ornament, Christmas 2007

our ornament from Christmas 2008...

SBJ's 1st initial ornament from aunt al, Christmas 2009

SBJ's 1st Christmas ornament from us...snowman!

go bulldogs...

 i have so many ornaments i love.
those were just a few of my faves.
we always buy one as our vacation souvenir...
so our tree is full of memories!

i just love this little guy, he even bounces, so fun!


i am still trying to determine if this should be considered lying to my child?
undecided, but he does like the story and looking for clark every morning.

SBJ's tree and nativity...
 we always had a tree of our own in our bedroom.
brother's had turtles, mine had angels...
there are a few other snowmen displayed in his room too.

fun Christmas toys and books

giving love to my Florida roots...

yes, that is a sand-"snow"man!

i just bought this cute tree, it even lights up. still trying to find the perfect spot for it!
meet me under the mistletoe! xoxo!
 we always had mistletoe and i was juuuuuuuust thinking i wanted to get some.
thankfully i snatched this up at ornament exchange:
mistletoe and bling!

there are still a few decorations i am searching for...
even one or two i am contemplating making,
but really i am not that crafty so i will continue my search!


  1. I love the "grinch" christmas tree.... where did you find it?

  2. the green tree with swirls? it came from hallmark!

  3. My fav is the ornament of preggers you and Jimmy:)