Friday, June 24, 2011

Forgetting the Before: Over Washer

We have some pretty nice cabinets over our washer and dryer. However, "things" have just been thrown in there with no real rhyme or reason...UNTIL NOW!

Top Shelf: the red box has candles that get changed with the seasons{this used to have a home in my closet but that didn't really make sense...this does!}  and the bag has supplies (extra treats, collars, bowls for travel, etc) for my sweet Howey {our toy poodle}.
Bottom Shelf: laundry supplies {I was recently excited to find the detergent drops bc the liquid detergent always seems to leak on the shelf}, emergency sewing kit, measuring tape, and loose change collector.
And my cute new sign: " Life is like laundry, LOADS of FUN!"

This post is a part of the 52 Weeks of Organizing challenge I am doing with I'm an Organizing Junkie


  1. Dont you love it when you can get things done in your space it just makes you feel better.

  2. This looks like it makes things so easy to find.

  3. I have two daughters in South Carolina, they were both raised in California.....your laundry area looks great!