Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have always
been a fan of gift registries.
I think they are genius.
For years I have wished I could 
register for and and all occasions.

Now, thanks to,
I have an online Wish List
that I can share with family and friends!
So. Smart.

I have even started 
a private wish list
where I will gather gift ideas
for friends and family!

I know some people 
aren't big fans of registries...
but I think they are fantastic!
They help take the guess-work out...
and for some of the items of my list
they are just for "inspiration"
~ I have found something
online and noted,
"I like this, but doesn't have to be exact."

Also, I think this is so much
than sending family 
a list of gift ideas.

So, thank you Amazon
for helping make some of 
my Want-It Wishes come true!
ps. Amazon doesn't know me, only my online account. I wrote this post only because I am loving the 
Wish List idea...not for any Amazon-sponsored reason! :)

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