Friday, November 18, 2011

More Thanks

Happy Thankful Thursday!
{yes, I know it is Friday...we have had a lot going on, again}
Here is my week in thanks...

11.11.11: I am thankful for my freedom 
and all the veterans that selflessly defend it.

 11.12.11: I am thankful for The Treehouse.

11.13.11: I am thankful for faith, forgiveness, and abiding love.

 11.14.11: I am thankful for my Grandmother
and all the wonderful memories I have with her.

11.15.11: I am thankful for MOPS.

 11.16.11: I am thankful for my mommy-bffs.

11.17.11: I am thankful for everyone's 
prayers, calls, and messages this week.
Here is an update:
~My grandmother's burial is today in Tampa.
I am sad I cannot be there,
but we will have a memorial service 
when we are all together next month.
~The hubs is recovering from shoulder surgery.
He is still in pain, but resting.

11.18.11: I am thankful for the little town I live in.
{wouldn't the girl that hated it here 13 years ago be surprised}


  1. I'm sorry about your grandmother! And I do hope your husband is feeling better from his surgery.

    Love your thankful list!

    I am a new follower - hope you'll follow me back if you feel like it!

  2. What a wonderful list! I am sorry about your loss!