Monday, January 23, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Oh, my SBJ wishes it would snow.
On an almost daily basis
he says something along the lines of,
"Mommy, it needs to snow."
Poor boy, 
this winter weather has been
so unusual!?

last week at Creative Movement
they had a SNOW theme...
and we followed up with
a SNOW muffin tin for lunch!

Yogurt covered raisins "snowballs"
Gummy penguins
Yogurt covered star-"flake" cookies
PB&J snowflake sandwiches
Frito "snow shovel" and cheese snowballs
Muffin Tin Monday at


  1. We did a snowy lunch too! I love your star tin!

  2. I really love your snow lunch! What fun sandwiches!

  3. Love your snowy tin! Cute! Great MTM!