Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Challenge

As you may or may not remember, I attempted to complete a shortened version of the I'm an Organizing Junkie's 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge last year. {It was shortened, because I began in April}.
I was not completely successful...but it was not a total bust either.
Here is a recap of my list, I have marked out what I accomplished:
1. Magazine Clippings
2. Recipe Notebooks
3. Desk Drawer
4. Kitchen "Junk" Drawer
5. Pictures on Shutterfly {ongoing}
6. Picture Drawer
7. Print Pictures
8. Pictures into Books
9. Guest Room Closet...did, but need to re-do
10. Store High Chair and Rocker
11. Bedside Table Drawer
12. SBJ 18m Clothes
13. SBJ 24m Clothes
14. Bookshelf (L)
15. Bookshelf (R)
16. Under Guest Bed
17. Under Our Bed
18. JWC Folder/Info for new Pres.
19. Garage
20. Freezer
21. Pantry (bottom)
22. Pantry (top)
23. Family Notebook
24. Under Kitchen Sink
25. Under Our Bathroom Sink
26. Under SBJ Bathroom Sink
27. Guest Room Dresser...all but one drawer!
28. Pots and Pans
29. SBJ Clothes into Bins in Attic
30. Medicine Drawer
31. First Aid Box
32. Pantry Counter
33. Cabinet Over Dryer
34. Cabinet Over Washer
35. SBJ Plates/Cup Cabinet
36. Muffin Tin Stuff
37. Glasses Cabinet
38. Stove Drawer
39. Coat Closet
40. Our Closet
41. SBJ Drawer
42. Game Closet

This year, her 29 Day Organizational Challenge is to "concentrate your efforts on one chaotic and cluttered room and work to transform it into an organized and peaceful space instead."

I am super excited about this because I have one area of our home that HAS to be organized...

OY! This mess of a room is going to become our baby's nursery in just a few short months! Currently it is our dumping ground, in between guests! {Yes, we actually have guests stay in this room...it is amazing what I can pile and hide!}
I know that I am actually not going to be able to completely finish this room in the 29 days {because we will not have all the furniture, linens, and clothes yet}...but I do plan on getting it as close to ready as possible!
Please, wish me luck! 


  1. Best of luck with your project! There is nothing like the impending arrival of a new baby to motivate.

  2. Sara-

    Wow! You have your work laid out for you! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be following your progress this month too!


  3. I have rearranged many rooms getting ready for babies. :) It's exciting! Hope it goes great! Thanks for the message on my blog.

  4. Good luck! I'm joining the challenge this month too!

  5. Wow! You did a lot of great work on your 52 weeks list! Congrats! I'm sure you will do a fabulous job on this challenge!

  6. How fun! I don't see anything more motivating that getting a room ready for a baby! I look forward to seeing how it goes!
    Michelle @ www.gettingthroughtheday.com

  7. Oh yay, a nursery! What wonderful motivation for you :) Your poor closet is being neglected, so much great storage space there. Are you able to add a closet organizer? You can usually find them for around 60-70 dollars at places like Target and Walmart. Thanks for participating!!