Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Lovin'

...and we had a blast!

Once again, we did not get to all the items on our Summer Bucket List, but we sure have had fun!
Here is a recap of our list and a few pictures...

Make Frozen Bananas
Watch the Olympics! GO USA!
Olympic dinner/events

Visit Fire Station
Farmer’s Market visits

Water Playdate with Friends
Eat watermelon outside {and not care about the mess}
Visit a Children's Museum
Pick Berries

If the heat isn’t too insane:
Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds
Make s’mores
Make Ice Cream-Cookie Sandwiches

Celebrate the 4th of July

Star gazing
Ice Cream Sundae Buffet
Ocean City!

Go to an outdoor concert
Go to a baseball game

Great American Campout {6/23 for hubs and BBJ}
*Find, Buy, Move in to NEW HOME!*
For ME:
Proverbs 31 online study
some Pinterest and other crafty projects
get active {lose baby weight}
For the Hubs and Me:
Dinner out
Movie Night
Watch a sunset together

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