Thursday, June 28, 2012

Before 35

Kelly from Kelly's Korner reminded us recently about an article that lists 30 things a woman should do before age 30. She is passed that age, so she is now working on a list of things to do before she turns 40 in eighteen months. I thought it would be fun to do too...

I am also already 30 and 40 is still pretty far away, so I am working on my "before 35" list. So far I have 5 before 35, but I may think of more in the next 3 years...

1. Lose 20 lbs/get fit/healthy
2. Have a daily morning and nighttime routine
3. Take a trip with The Hubs {Chicago, Boston, NYC?}
4. Tailgate/attend a Gator football game
5. Become an active member at a church here

As I was typing I thought of 2 more, the first is a "duh, of course" {like I want it to happen before I turn 32 in 2 months}...
7. find a flexible part-time job once both boys are in school/preschool.

...and another one!
8. Complete a Mud Run {for fun, not competition!}

...more to come, I am sure!

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