Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Change in Plans

My busy summer has had me in sort of a blogging-slump.
It has caused me to revisit my blog schedule....again!
For the most part, it is staying the same:
Muffin Tin Monday
Want it Wednesday
Thankful Thursday
Forgetting the Before/Friday Favorites
Cyber-less Sunday

The 2 days that are changing are Tuesday and Saturday.
Tuesday has been trouble from the start. Tasty Tuesday is fun, but I am finding that I don't always get good photos of my food and I don't like to share a recipe without a photo...sooooooo, I am going back to making it my "random" post day.
It will be "Tuesday Toss-Up"....I may share a tasty recipe or a totally fun idea or ways I try to be crafty or snippets from our travels, or just about anything else I think of!
Saturday is becoming Cyber-less also. I am keeping the weekend for family...not blogging.

Thanks for continuing to share in my blogging journey!

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