Monday, August 8, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: Car Rides

We have been with family
in Florida for the past 10 days!
The trip included 2 long car rides
{there and back}
and a few medium car rides
{to visit family, friends, and the beach}!!
here is a Car Ride Muffin Tin:
Oreo "tire"
Disney Cars mac&cheese
Disney Cars fruit snacks
Carrot "traffic cones" with ranch
Watermelon "treats" 
{for the treats he got for his dry pullups along the way}

Happy Monday!


  1. We have started to really enjoy "traffic cones" at our house.

  2. What a great meal. Love the carrots as traffic cones.

  3. We did a Cars theme tin a few weeks back. I didn't think of the carrot traffic cones...good idea!