Friday, February 24, 2012

Almost there!

WooHoo! We are almost where I want to be with this challenge! My main goal for it is to get everything out of the room that does not belong for our new little boy...and guess what? We are SO CLOSE!
Here are the latest photos...
 All that is left a few things for The Hubs to decide on {and if he doesn't...into the garage they go!}. The bed will go, but we need for guests a little while longer.

The dresser made it into the closet and I think it will be a good addition. My {very handy} dad is going to work on some other shelving in there and we are going to get bins to help organize!
 I have commissioned a friend to work on curtains that match the new bedding we picked out... And we have other crafty-creative friends thinking about wall art for the room.

Continued thanks to the Org Junkie for the challenge and the tips!


  1. Good work! New bedding? Fun! Looking forward to everyone's Big Reveal in just a few days.