Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Challenging Challenge

This challenge is going slower than I had hoped. February is a super busy month {really, what month isn't busy...}!

So far, I have only gathered items that I hope to sell, photographed them, and posted them online. Thankfully, I have sold a few things and have a plan for moving the boxes out of the room {with the help of the hubs}.

My main focus for the challenge is getting everything out of the room. Finding a new "home" for it all...either in my home, another person's home, a donation center, or the trash!

 These are the "GET OUT OF HERE NOW" items. The boxes will be moved to the garage this weekend. I will work on other items that I know I can relocate this weekend...hope for a much bigger update next week!

These are organizing tools I have gathered from other areas of the house that were not being used to their full potential! I look forward to finding a new place for them and using them more efficiently!

Thank you to the Org Junkie for sponsoring this challenge!

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  1. I'm beginning to list things for sale--o is it ever tediuos--so congrats on getting that done! Looking forard to a more dramatic update next week.