Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making Progress

NOW we are getting somewhere! YAY!

Everything is out of the closet, except for stuff for our new sweet boy.There is so much potential in the closet...I am hoping to add more storage solutions and incorporate the dresser.

Everything is off the walls, except for a calendar for guests. We need to wrap up the wall hangings and take them safely to storage.
Almost everything has been taken to storage or the garage. There are a few more is {current}holiday decor I need to deal with, another is for the hubs to take a look at, and one more for my mom to check out. 

I will admit that the top drawer of the dresser is still full of stuff that I need to figure out what to do with and were to put it.

Other items that will need to go {eventually}: the bed, the small shelf in front of the window, the curtains, the side table with attached lamp, and our safe needs to be moved into our room. 

More thanks to the Org Junkie for the challenge and the tips! 

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  1. Oh, You have been busy! Lots and lots done, good job!