Friday, April 29, 2011

Forgetting the Before: SBJ Closet

It seems like SBJ's closet is always needing to be re-organized as he grows out of his clothes. I think he has slowed down a little and will be in this size for hopefully this one will last!
Random thoughts about his closet: 
I have a bin that I put his clothes in as he grows out of them or as the season changes.
It has helped that I got the older clothes out from the top of his closet. That gave me a place to put his luggage, nebulizer, some memory-items, and some things he needs to grow into.
I am so thankful for hand-me-downs from friends and our fabulous children's consignment store in town...without them I don't know what he would wear! 

{It is hard to get a good picture of his space, hope you get the idea}

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  1. What a lovely closet where you could store so much stuff!

  2. Oo, to have such a big closet. I love hand me downs, too. My post at might be helpful to you. I don't post there much anymore, but that post is one folks seem to like.

  3. I love your sons closet! We're getting abigger one for our kids soon, and I so can't wait for that to happen to feel a little more organized again:) Keep up your great work!