Monday, April 4, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: Spring

Spring has Sprung...
but we are still waiting on the
beautiful Spring weather here.
It has still been rainy and cold.
This Muffin Tin is to
inspire the sun to come out 
and the flowers to bloom...

Sunburst pb&j
Sunburst cheese
more pb&j
Flower made of banana center and strawberry petals
Sunburst Cheezit Gripz
Flower made of banana center and blueberry petals


  1. I love the fruit flowers! Looks like a very yummu tin.

  2. I love your banana centered flowers.

  3. We had a cold week last week and I'm am very glad the sun is showing itself this week! Love your tin. I really like the berry flowers...I'll have to do these sometime soon.

  4. Love it! So bright and cheerful!

  5. I like the sun and flower idea. Thanks for sharing. A new follower