Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simple Saturday: Swap

Ever wish you could 
raid a fabulously-dressed friend's closet?

A super cool friend of mine had
the. best. idea. ever.
She organized a clothes swap!
Think about it: 
we swap kids' clothes all the time...
shouldnt us moms get some fashion-love too? 

A bunch of us 
(probably 20-25)
went through our closets...
we picked out the {good} pieces
{good meaning no holes or stains}
that dont fit,
we are tired of,
or we just dont wear.
Then we all got together,
separated the clothes
and went "shopping"...
here are my super-awesome finds!

pretty color, flattering shape

fun print hoodie

skirts are so much better than shorts

super cute, love the print the maxi


ready for warm weather

excited about this print!

just a fun print and color

you can never have too many white shirts...
not a denim jacket girl, gonna give it a try...

comfy and cute with sleeves rolled up...

cute skirt for beach or pool!

so out of the ordinary for me...
and the final and most favorite piece:
LOVE IT! I would've been happy if this was the only piece I got!

after the swap, 
whatever didnt get picked
was taken to a thrift shop
that helps and benefits
the local woman's shelter. the swap was good for us
and good for our community!

Think you will try this with your friends??


  1. Oh wow! SO glad you enjoyed your swap, too. Ours was the first one I had been too, and we had a blast! I walked away with 1 dress and 2 tops :)

  2. Dang girl- you scored! I would love to do this with my friends, except all my closet houses right now is old maternity clothes and stuff from in between pregnancies hastily bought at Old Navy and Target in between feeding children, lol. My friends would send me home with my old stuff, I'm afraid. Cute bed, BTW!

  3. What a great idea lucky you!I like the aqua colored button up best.