Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Smoothies

We {heart} SMOOTHIES!
{please note SBJ's sweet, patient hand}
Simple Smoothie:
1 small container of your fave yogurt
1 handful frozen, sliced strawberries
Splash or 2 of your fave OJ
1 banana, sliced

...blend it all together and enjoy.

{note: if you have a child like mine, 
you will have to double this up.
Splitting one smoothie is not enough!}


  1. We love smoothies too! The current favorite in our house is mango vanilla pineapple. Sometimes I throw in an envelope of Carnation Instant Breakfast. Smoothies have been a lifesaver for little Coco who doesn't like to eat (shocking since she is my child). We are on twice monthly weight checks with the pediatrician and these have helped her put on a few lb's. I love your little guys cup- I need some of those.